Norcal Geophysical Consultants INC


Geologic Conditions

Surface and borehole geophysical surveys can be used to characterize various geologic features or conditions relevent to engineering, geotechnical or environmental considerations. Depending upon site conditions, various seismic, electrical, ground penetrating radar, and magnetic geophysical methods can be used to characterize buried stream channels, faults, landslides, voids, localized groundwater seepage zones, and anomalous rock conditions. The findings of these surveys can supplement investigations and/or studies for:

Land-use planning

to optimize facility placement and avoid potential hazards

Siting of critical structures

such as hospitals, schools, bridges, dams, etc.

Avoiding adverse subsurface conditions

for new construction or upgrading of older facilities

Environmental remediation

for the optimal placement of monitoring or extraction wells, soil probes, etc.

Planning of subsequent geologic or environmental surveys or audits

such as determining the placement of test
pits, exploratory boreholes, drilling depths, sample intervals, etc.

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